I Have A Feeling…

What if it turned out everything had feelings?
How would you behave differently?

I believe they do, and definitely plants. I believe appreciation or gratitude is the feeling they thrive upon. The realm of feelings I write of here is more energetic. I am not talking about thoughts. It is animation. A living conversation with nature. Get out of your head and feel, or sense, what is going on around you. Everything has a vibration and responds to yours.

When our little one was 8 months, she went crazy over our pumpkin harvest. She petted them and talked to them. When the first one began to rot, she got hysterical, like a dear friend had died. Clearly they were her kin. Babies sure have feelings but I swear I could feel the pumpkin conversing back. It was her first teacher of the life and death cycle. 

30 years ago I came across Machaelle Small Wright’s book, Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered. It reawakened inside of me what I innately knew. Animism some people call it. Everything has essence.

One of the big reasons we are in such a mess planetarily is that we don’t behave this way. Ironically, life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling when you have reverence for all of it. 

So what would change in you if you knew every animal, plant, mineral, fungi, bacterium etc…were sentient beings? Because I’m here to remind you that they are.