Walks and Workshops

Mary Plantwalker is an ambassador for the green nation and offers various plant walks and rewilding workshops throughout the year at both her home sanctuary Herb Mountain Farm and other locations, in hopes of strengthening the human- earth connection.

Within Mary’s workshops you will experience:

  • Plant ID- learn who the plants around you are and their edible and medicinal gifts
  • Tea Herbs- gathering them from your landscape
  • Guidance & practice in being a good Earth Steward
  • Earth-based spirituality through ritual, prayer and offerings
  • Nature-Connection activities
  • Deep Listening and the practice of reflection
  • Immersion in a sanctuary

Mary also leads 2 hour private guided plant tours at Herb Mountain Farm for $150 for up to 3 people (each additional person is $25 and she can come to your home for an additional fee.) With these personal plant guided walks, she will cater to your specific curiosities. Please use the website contact form to inquire.

Nourishment from being immersed in the natural world plus insights and inspirations for how to incorporate plant allies and earth’s bounty into your everyday life are some of the gifts you will take away from time together.