Plant Spirit Journeys
at Herb Mountain Farm

Mary Plantwalker is honored to be a translator for the green nation. In these 3 hour workshops, we will spend time in the garden and the woods, meeting, greeting and going on a journey with plants. We will be in communion with them, invoking gratitude and stillness and a humble heart and in return will receive their voices speaking to and through us. Plants don’t talk like we do but they are in actuality communing with everything around them. Plants are in a continual conversation with their environment.  Things aren’t always as they appear. By slowing down with intention, we become a part of the conversation of our planet.

You will leave having new insights into how to both be with and incorporate plants in your everyday life. It is essential in these times of significant climate shifts that we re-learn how to speak the same language as the natural world around us so that we can all cooperate. The workshop is dependent upon fair weather as we are immersed in the elements. Should it rain, the workshop will be postponed.