Floral Gardens | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC


♥ Gratitude to all of you who have shared about your experience of our time together ♥

“Mary Morgaine is amazing!! It is a rare and wonderful gift to sit in circle with her, on Earth that has been so wisely and lovingly tended. An opportunity to connect with Earth, with ancestors and with the message of the plants she chooses for the teas. The solace of the tea ceremonies connect me to the living fabric of Earth wisdom throughout the continents and the centuries. Thank you! I honor Mary tremendously.”
– Amy A.

“If I could apprentice with just one plant person for the rest of my days, it would be Mary Morgaine. She is utterly steeped in the green paradise of Appalachia, soulful and spiritual to the core, delightfully playful and full of laughter, and a pure devotee to plants and peace. Having shared countless walks and many ceremonies with her, I can say that she is a true master—of tea artistry, earth-honoring ritual, and communion between plants and people. Her gifts touch my life daily—sweetgrass transplanted from her garden grows in my medicine patch, her hawthorn vanilla elixir nourishes my heart when it’s feeling tender, and her seasonal rituals help mark my calendar with meaning and joy. I’ve yet to meet a more green-hearted celebrant of the living world!”
– Meghan G

“I have the honor and privilege of circling with Morgaine every month on the New Moon. She is a seasoned ceremonialist and a natural when it comes to preparing spaces and cultivating a sense of reverence that helps others attune to the sacred. She leads with grounded ease and embodied wisdom, from a place of deep nature connection and initiated maturity. In this age of pseudo-spiritual cultural appropriation and performative wokeness, it’s a breath of fresh air to know someone like Morgaine whose heart is true and whose devotion to the sacred arts, the natural world, and her own growth and healing path shines brightly through everything she creates and offers.”
– Beth B.

“Mary Morgaine is a humble and authentic maestra of herb and forest medicine, in body and spirit. Her generosity, attention and breadth of knowledge empower her relationship to the living world and make her an extraordinary example of what it is to walk in right relationship with all our relatives. I count our friendship and her mentorship as a true gift to my life, irreplaceable and immeasurably precious.”
Paeonia S.

“I’ve often retreated to Morgaine’s plant sanctuary in Weaverville, a short drive through the blue ridge parkway from my house. Here is a magical world, a community of gardens and people, created by Morgaine and Hart. I love going to the Appalachian Tea Ceremonies where we sit in a circle on small chairs that support our backs and drink tea. A special plant is chosen for being the tea shared and we learn all about it, as we sip the tea and share some of ourselves too. There are spiral gardens, huge raised beds full of a vast array of  medicinal and flowering plants surrounding us. Trails lead into the forests and cross small creeks. Two enormous boulders remain on the mountain. While on a walk, I once saw a fawn and then a mother Bear with cub. Enter this forest and gardens and share in the wisdom of a truly grounded earthy wise woman.”
– Mollie H.

“Mary Plantwalker is a gifted and intuitive teacher, whose genuine love of plants comes through in her writing and plant walks. She is a captivating storyteller, weaving the ancient stories of plant human connections through her writing and plant walks. In a world where many of us feel to be “spiritual orphans,” Mary empowers us to create ceremonies that root us to the land, our inner truth, and ancestral knowing. She pours love into each and every plant that she midwives and sends out into the world. Buy a plant from Mary, and you are buying a blessed being who has been nurtured to vitality and health with the utmost tenderness.”
– Juliet B.

“My family and I have never experienced such grace and power amongst nature as felt at Herb Mountain Farm! The gardens and trails were FULL of delight and even more our children were overjoyed by natures healing power. Mary and her young daughter were very generous in letting us explore, eat, and enjoy the fresh mountain breeze. Hart also made an appearance which brought such joy! Thank you all so much for your heartwarming kindness and generosity!”
Thomara H.

“I had the pleasure of attending a Plant Walk with Mary Plantwalker on the grounds of Herb Mountain Farm in 2021 and what a wonderful experience it was! Walking through the beautiful gardens was like being transported to what I would imagine as Heaven on Earth. Mary was so welcoming and I loved hearing about her encounters and experiences with plants. I learned so much and came away from the time feeling enlivened and inspired, as Mary is brimming with ideas and presses toward solutions. She is truly an advocate for the plants. Her writings cause me to slow down, reflect, and to connect with the natural world around me. She creates a window into a world where I always long to be, with the plants!”
Jessica R.

“There are some people you meet in life that cause you to pause, take a deep breath, and look around. Your eyes become theirs and you begin to see things you’d overlooked. If you let yourself, your hands become theirs, and you reach out and touch a plant that you might have walked past. As you listen and linger, they brew a tea from leaves you wouldn’t have noticed and when you lift the cup, the aroma alone, shifts your mood.

Before long, you are enraptured by the love affair between this person and her plants. A voyeur to the sensual intimacy of touch, taste, smell, and sight of these two beings – human and plant – creating for each other a harmonic that lures you in like a Beethoven symphony. Time slows down and the only option is to pay attention, close attention, because you have the good fortune of having arrived in a holy moment.

Such is my experience of Mary Morgaine. Mary is a plant lover, whose love is reciprocated. Over the years, she has spread seeds and cared for a myriad of plant beings, in gardens that she build and tends and adores. They return her love with elixirs, potions, teas, and beauty that make life better. Time spent with Mary is time spent with the ancients. The plants and the plant teachers that know how critical these beings are to our health and to our future.

Do yourself the great service of connecting with Mary, however you are able. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.”
– Tim T.

“Mary Morgaine’s life and passion is as a Creatress of Sanctuary.  As you step into her gardens, you feel her loving connection to the natural world…. Morgaine works at creating/making spaces that celebrate and honor natures’ beauty.   She supports others to feel a most natural reverence for their surroundings.   Step into her home or lodge, and you will likewise feel the loved embrace of one who tends and who cares. Treat yourself, immerse yourself….. You will be glad you did!!!”
– Diane B.

“There is so much I can say about Mary Plantwalker—she is one of a kind, a true garden goddess with an innate, deep knowing of plant allies and all that is green. Her cup of knowledge runneth over, when it comes to the botanical world. She is a tender: of community, of her family, and of her gardens. I’ve attended several Appalachian Tea Ceremonies, and they are special community events that I find grounding, centering, and expansive. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with Mary Plantwalker and spend time tending to the plants at Herb Mountain Farm.”
– Shelly J.

“I have had the pleasure and sheer joy to spend many days and years in the garden with Mary Morgaine. She has taught me so much of what I know about plants. The love and care she shares about plants has deeply impacted how I relate to the natural world. Whether it is attending one of her tea ceremonies, reading a journal/blog entry, walking the land, or sipping tea she grew – picked – dried – and blended herself; I learn something new about the plants and feel more connected. Being with plants makes me feel more human and offers so much opportunity for depth of connection in the woods. And that is the gift she offers to the world! May we all be so lucky to sit with her in the garden, learn plants from her and drink tea alongside her wondrous beautiful heart!”
– Juliet D.

“Mary Morgaine’s Appalachian Tea Ceremonies are filled with healing magic and wisdom that will leave your cup empty but your soul full.”
– Megan G.

“Mary Morgaine is a wealth of diverse plant knowledge and deep earth wisdom. Her loving regard for the earth is contagious and she has a skillful and magical ability to help others connect with the myriad green beings we walk and live alongside.”
– Josh F.

“Mary Morgaine is such an inspiration. She brings love, beauty, and wonder through the way she shares about the wisdom of plants and the earth. The sanctuary she’s helped create is really like a transportation into the simplicity and majesty of nature. I’ve felt nourished, inspired, & learned a lot about connecting with plants and how to use them as medicine through her warm welcoming way of inviting you in and retaining the information. The sense of peace she brings through her presence is a gift in itself. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to connect with plants, nature, and loving community to treat themselves to the offerings she has to share.”
– Kristin M.

“Mary Morgaine’s presence and guidance brings me in touch with the natural sweetness of life. She inspires me to connect and find nourishment with the plants all around me. I feel thankful to know such a rooted wise woman, I feel held and supported in her ceremonial beauty.”
– Lena E.

“Mary is the plant teacher you‘ve been hoping to find!  As a mentor she is insightful towards your individual needs and humble in her educational approach.  Her level of experience is rare to find and her connection to all-things-plant-life rivals that of our ancient ancestors.  Mary is truly a “Plantwalker”, embodied deeply in meaningful relationship with all that surrounds her.  It doesn’t take long in her presence to begin feeling the same way.”
-Jason B.

“Hi Mary, I was at your tea ceremony the other day, and I just wanted to tell you that those two hours in your presence and on your land were one of the happiest times I’ve ever experienced. It felt magical and deeply nourishing. Thank you for sharing your gifts and yourself!”

-Susanne G.