What is Love + Motherwort

“Love is something when you give it away, you end up having more.” Malvina Reynolds.

My 10 year-old loves the recent movie ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ and convinced me to watch it with her one evening. It’s about a quirky family who saves the world from an AI apocalypse and at one point in the film, the lead AI character, PAL, asks the protagonists why humans are worth keeping on earth. The inventor of PAL shouts, “The Power of Love!” then Katie, the brave daughter, waxes on and on about human love and devotion to family, almost bringing the viewer to tears. But it only puts the AI to sleep…..


Dear Motherwort,

Being introduced to you with the name of Motherwort certainly guided my perception of you from the start. Knowing that wort just means plant- you are the Mother Plant I asked? The Plant for Mothers? Yes, both, and so much more. Each day I lean into you, I learn something new. When friends are having stagnant, painful periods with much cramping, I give them a tincture of you. When I am feeling emotionally unstable, I also take your tincture. I dry your aerial parts for tea and the bitterness works for me. Grounding, so grounding….

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