RX Earth Medicine + Ginkgo

If you are reading this, you most likely already feel a closeness with the natural world, and I give thanks to be here with you on this planetary journey. I am uplifted by both our resilience and devotion to building a better world, even when things can seem hopeless. Life is so very precious- all of us Earth children are dancing together on this little blue dot within a sea of darkness. We have a lot more in common with each other than not. 

The human-made world is very loud, on many levels, and is getting louder every year because it has forgotten this basic tenant of existence- that we are all completely interconnected. As technology blossoms, what it means to be human shrivels. It seems ironic that as we become a more globalized world, we are experiencing an increasing lack of unifying beliefs that once held communities together. The fabric of our societies are being shredded apart.

Author Yascha Mounk writes about how we have fallen prey to differing identities that undermine our capacity for what it takes to maintain a democracy. We have lost the ability to see ‘the other’ as decent and having an inherent goodness, which is the basis for a healthy world. In lieu of having unifying beliefs that build community, fighting an external enemy is what now unites people. The ability to tolerate others who think and believe differently than us while remaining focused on our many shared and common goals has all but vanished.  

I often return to Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, “Before we have finished breakfast, we have depended on over half the world.” It’s like some poisonous ether has infiltrated our critical thinking skills and made an erasure of the evidence that, far from the man-made borders of nation and state and the idea we are separate (or above) nature, we are actually one kin world, ever so intertwined. 

The busy-ness and pressures of these times invoke even more separateness. How glued have we been to our computer, phone or tv lately, reading and listening to the horrendous news of the world, or scrolling for entertainment or distraction to feed our hungry mind? In comparison, how much time have we spent sitting under a tree, or marveling at the details of the changing of the seasons, or singing prayers, or connecting with a loved one, or watching birds do their thing, or envisioning the healing of the world? 

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