Plant Ally Cards

A little project I am currently undertaking…to make a deck of 108 plant ally cards.
Begun end of October, 2022

Here are 11 examples. Once I have completed the deck, I will surely be shouting it out! I love the color dusty rose and chose that as the background. Making graphics is hard for me- it doesn’t come naturally. A month into making the cards, I received feedback about doing it differently, so you will notice a change after card 7,  new graphics. Maybe dusty rose being my favorite color isn’t the best option for plant ally cards.

Just to be clear, plants are magnificent, complex beings who cannot be captured in a card. My intention with this creation is to make a kind of flash card to aid in recognition and intro understanding of who plant beings are. More Americans can identify corporate logos than they can plants. My work aims in changing this. They are also for those plant people who already know their gifts but want to keep them in the forefront of their minds.