Herb Mountain Farm Plant Sale

May 13, 2023

For the 4th year in a row, Herb Mountain Farm is hosting a spring plant sale! We are located in rural Weaverville, off of Reems Creek, 25 minutes north of Asheville. We will be selling vegetable, flower and herb starts, native plants, perennial ornamentals, fruit and nut trees and more. Cash and Check preferred.

Mary Plantwalker will be leading a free tour of Herb Mountain Farm from 1-2pm. Come on over and get yourself some plants and learn a bit of the history and tour the gardens of this 53 year-old farm.

Our plant vendors are Wise Earth Way, Willow Creek Nursery, Bittersweet Farm and Nursery and Dragonfly Magic Natives. Soul Gardens will be selling delicious-nutritious food made on the spot. Mary’s Flora Plant Stand will be stocked, and the inspiring mile-long nature trail that wraps around the lower half of Herb Mountain Farm will be open for the public to walk. But please leave your dogs at home! Find directions here.

Our Vendors:

Mary will not have a booth this year but once you enter the driveway for the plant sale, you will see Mary’s Flora Plant Stand which will be stocked with an array of plants and bouquets. It is self-serve- please check it out! Cash or check only, and make sure not to block the driveway while visiting the stand, thank you!

Stephanie Hein and Chris Ripley of Wise Earth Way are a husband and wife team applying growing techniques that are beyond organic. They practice no-till, biodynamic, and organic methods to enhance present and future soil fertility without harming or disturbing life (from the fungal mycorrhizae  relationships to our pollinator friends).

Brit Averine of Willow Creek Nursery specializes in ornamentals and perennials, supplying top quality perennials to Landscapers, Gardeners, and Landscape architects. They are primarily a wholesale nursery so we are very fortunate to have this opportunity for direct sales to the public!

Cailen Campbell of Bittersweet Farm and Nursery, located near the headwaters of Sugar Creek between Weaverville and Barnardsville, has been propagating and planting fruit and nut trees in Appalachia for over 30 years. Bittersweet specializes in fruit and nut trees uniquely adapted to our region under low-input/no-spray conditions and suitable for backyard permaculture food forests and commercial scale orchards alike. They currently have over 500 cultivars in their trial plantings in a multi-generational effort to find and then propagate uncommon and rare fruit and nut varieties proven to produce in our area. All plants are grafted and propagated on-site using only the most sustainable and ecologically benevolent practices (beyond organic). Cailen also offers on-site consultation, soil analysis, orchard design, pruning, educational, and custom grafting services.

Michael Clark of Dragonfly Magic Natives will be selling, yep, you guessed it- Native Plants.

Scotty Karas and Maayan Chelsea tend Soul Gardens and feed our community in so many ways, including having a food tent at this event, serving delicious, high-quality ingredient meals and snacks.  Dosas (fermented lentil and rice pancakes) with a variety of plant-based fillings, Dosa-Dillas (dosa stuffed with melted cheese), Mixed Greens Salad, Coffee, Tea, & sweet treats  and more will be on the menu!