From Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea


Dear mint-loving human,

Our families have been intertwined for centuries, us cosmopolitan mints and you people. I am an unusual mint family member though, and may not be as familiar to you as some of my kin like Lavender, Rosemary or Garden Sage. I am a biennial, have quite large, thick stems and spread from seeds instead of roots. I am thankful when you grow me and welcome me into your life, even though I am atypical;-) I come from the Mediterranean like so many of the beloveds in my family.

My botanical name of Salvia sclarea means “to save and to clear,” of which I am quite proud of this naming because it acknowledges my gifts! I am a happy, healing plant that was mentioned regularly in your old apothecary herbals and now I am primarily used as an essential oil.

Do you wonder how you can bring me into your life, like how we can support each other? Well, let me share first that I’m not an herb you will find for sale in any dried form, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be dehydrated for later use. Utilize me fresh while I am shining, but also harvest my flowering stalks and seeds and dry them for winter teas in your home apothecary. I am an aide for digestion and will relieve abdominal pain. If you are prone to headaches, reach for me. I am specific for healing tummy aches and headaches that arise from anxiety. For women, I offer menopausal support to help balance emotional waves.

I am also a powerful dream maker. Brew a small cup of my flower tips in the evening, and I can help you sleep deeply and dream vividly! I can also increase your capacity for creativity and mental clarity! Yes, I am Clary Sage and these are some of the things I am capable of and like to do for you!

My seeds, if ground and soaked, make a mucilaginous substance that will draw out splinters, heal boils and sooth infections. This is a gift I offer, but it takes time for you to harvest my little nutlets of four seeds per capsule and soak and grind them. There are easier plants to call on for this, like plantain and calendula and comfrey. Yet I invite you to try it-collect several of my seeds, soak them and apply this gelatinous substance to a sore or the tender skin under your eyes, and see how it feels.

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