Earth Devotions

Hello, it’s April 5, 2022, and I am beginning my Earth Devotions, regular writings on how we love and care for our one precious mama planet. Which is really about how we live. From day to day, year to year, our lives unfolding. Sometimes these will be short, and other times they will lead to a longer essay of sorts. No matter the length, they are intended to guide, inspire, humor and/or fuel your love and stewardship of Earth and all of her creatures, which includes you.

This photo was taken in a rural area of Veracruz, Mexico, of my dear friend Kahwren’s garden, in January. Notice the native fern tree growing among the vegetables? What a treasure to behold in a garden! Can you feel the light of the morning bathing the plants? This land has been overgrazed and clear cut but is now being allowed to revert back to forest, and, in some areas like this one, food is being grown. Walking among the garden, getting wet by the morning dew, nibbling on the greens, listening to the birds greeting the day- Well… it doesn’t get much better than this, I think. I am devoted to caring for earth, and stewarding her well, and spreading this devotional zest for adoring and respecting our planet’s generosity. Don’t you just love her so, too?