Never do I tire of being a voice for calendula and incorporating her into my life!

Calendula officinalis grows easily from seed and will self sow year after year in Zones 5 and up. They will bloom until frost if you pick their flowers when they open. If you don’t, their lifeforce goes into making seeds and they stop making more flowers.

Calendula is specifically allied to healing skin troubles- itching, eczema, rashes, sunburns, bites, irritation and inflammation of all kinds. Bathe in this plant sunshine and ingest Calendula through tea, in salads and soups, or as tincture.

Calendula can be an ally to call in if you have a fungal or viral infection, as the medicine within the resin and volatile oils of this sticky flower circulate into your bod, knocking out the unwanted fungi and bacteria. I think of Calendula as shining their golden light so brightly on those dark forces that sometimes enter our bodily systems, that the negativity just flees.

In gratitude to you, Calendula!