Angelica Praises

Dear Angelica,

You are Gorgeous.

Every part of you. Your invigorating scent. Your hollow stem- the sleek way it feels in my hands. Your shades of green with occasional purple and red hues.  Your compound leaves that are birthed from sheaths. Your yellow/greenish/white globular umbel flowers, a hotel of happy insects.  Your winged, maroon seeds and your dancing root. Even your name. Angelica. I love you.

I took you unknowingly as one of my first herbal medicine experiences. I was in college and had digestive issues and someone gave me Swedish Bitters. This remedy helped me so much and you were a key ingredient in it, along with many other herbs. I did not like the way it tasted, but I loved the way it felt inside. It completely took away my belly aches. Your warming, stimulating properties are perfecto for helping sluggish digestion and stagnant blood flow.

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