Do Not Forget

Do not forget, dear one,
That you are made of Earth and Sky.
Over half of you is water, contained by vessels and solid bone
With a marrow that holds space.

Do not forget
You are made of carbon,
You thirst and hunger and breathe everyday
And these nonnegotiable needs
cannot be met virtually.

Do not forget
What you do to your Mother’s body,
You do to yours,
That you are able to feel, think and act
Because you inhabit a temple made of elementals,
That you are a part of nature, not apart-
You cannot be separated,
Even if you wanted to.

Do not forget
Without your living body, you are dead.

Regardless of your beliefs about where you came from
Or where you will go,
Before you incarnated into this flesh and bone
Or return as ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
You still remain inextricably intertwined
And dependent upon the generosity
Of Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
As Chief Seattle told us hundreds of years ago,
You cannot eat money.
Your chatbox will not provide.

Do not forget
Soil and river and tree and root and seed and sunlight and wind-
These are who you are made of,
Even if your spirit comes from somewhere else.
Do not squander this precious embodiment
By destroying your Wildness from forgetfulness.

Remember who you are, dear one.